2nd Life sex

Yeahhhh…. sooooo…. we had THE most beautiful experience in 2nd Life last night, Daddy & i… and i wanted to share.

We are both a little over a month old now… when we first got into 2nd Life and got situated, we were told how AMAZING the avi sex is in 2nd Life and were eager to try it! Unfortunately, i thought spending a BUTTLOAD of money on sex toys would make a considerable difference… well, it did, but not in the way i was expecting.

One of our first 2nd Life sexual experiences was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… baaaaaaaaaaaad!

It was a very expensive shower i had bought, being as we were so new, we didn’t know how to CALMLY adjust settings OR save them! lol When Daddy would switch positions, either he’d be sittin’ in the air for at least 30 seconds…or i would be in a completely different positions… etc. i don’t want to say the experience was horrible, but yeah, it was pretty damn close. After almost an hour, me Daddy cummed for me… so, i was happy… 🙂

Then we got some much needed advice, we learned how to adjust and save our settings for tha’ next time, etc.

Sooooo… last night, i bought a picnic table for our new home… annnd it was cheap, annnd it had pose balls… annnnd NOTHIN’ was workin’ right…

HOWEVER, in this experience… all Daddy & i could do was lauuuugh our asses off! Neither of us got frustrated… neither of us got horny either… lmao And, we never did have sex… but we worked with this cheap ass table for about 45 minutes… trying to adjust poses, etc… as we had been taught… needless to say, i deleted the table and bought one you and 3 other friends can just sit at… lol

So, i just telled me Daddy on Skype… even though we are so apart from each other, in a long~distance relationship…. Daddy has given me SO many things over tha’ years we’ve been together… He’s protected me many times, He’s cherished me, He’s listened to me, He’s understood me… He’s loved me… etc.

But, my most favorite gift from me Daddy, is the gift of laughter He has given to me… :))

more reflectionz

Okay, so… here we go again! lol

I’m not exactly sure when i started this WordPress thingy, but being as it’s tha’ summertime, and i’m absolutely bored… i’ll try to work on it again!

Let’s talk about virtual worlds! i had stumbled across one in 2012, the place no longer exists to me, so i won’t talk about it. 🙂 Only thing i’ll say about it, is that i met THE most amazing man and lover a girl could ever hope for! Sometimes, like right now, i am conflicted. i am conflicted because society tells me and has always told me… one man, one woman.. real life… blah, blah, blah. However, i’ve TRIED real life relationships, and they’ve always SUCKED! i won’t lie, i would love to be in my Man’s arms, i would love a real life with Him.. but at what cost would it be?

He loves me, He listens to me, He understands me, He cherishes me, He makes me laugh, He protects me, He adores me.. and the list could go on and on and on. The only downfall of this kind of relationship, is that He cannot touch me. But, wouldn’t i rather all of the above, sacrificing touch? Sometimes, i think i would… sometimes i’m not too sure. It’s truly a conundrum, but not enough of one to make me leave Him. They say patience is a virtue, and i will remain patient until the time comes… and whatever happens… happens.

Sooooo….i just went off on a tangent there! *warning* i do that a LOT! lol

Now, what was i talking about? Oh! Virtual worlds! 🙂

So, we left the first virtual world we both were in, and joined another, quickly making friends as we always do… but not staying no more than 6 months, until we discovered 2nd Life… and OMFG!! 2nd Life is amaze balls!!!!!!

It took almost 2 weeks for Daddy to get accustomed to it, but methinks He tried His best and stuck it out for me. Of course, He won’t tell ME that… lol But, i really think that is why He stuck around and got through tha’ worst of it, because He saw how happy i was there. 🙂

i’m SUCH a lucky girl!

Daddy and i are in a DD/lg relationship, hence tha’ name Daddy… 😉 i loooooove taking pictures and snapshots in 2nd Life, and i found i can share them here! Soooo, that is what i’ll do, no matter if anyone see’s them or not… lol

i’ll end this for now… but there will be more 2nd Life stories, more information about our DD/lg relationship… more pics and more random crap! Stay tuned! :))

not really sure…..

i am trying to get familiar with this site, soooo, just gonna post a random bloggie for now until i figure things out!! i was inspired to create this after stumbling across a Daddy & His little girl (princess), so let’s just see where this goes for now! This is a new dynamic to my Dominant/submissive relationship, one that fits soooooo well, i’m surprised it took me THIS long to figure it out!! hehe