took a little break, but i’m baaack!!!

soooo… had to take a little break, discovered a new journey breeding horsies in 2nd Life! However, i am back and OMFG i LOVE the new Truth hair August FREE gift (for only being a member of Truth’s group!). Being such a new 2nd Life member, a little over a year now, i’m fairly new to the Truth

group, but as stated in my first blog, it’s one of my MOST (if not THE most) favorite hairs i wear… and yes, i change hair most times each day; with Truth hairs, i have a tendency to wear each one longer because i love them SO much! Ohhhhh, annnnd Truth has sent out a “bang” collection!!! More on that in a later blog! So, this one i have on here is the August group gift, which as i said before, was FREE!! AND IT HAS A STYLE HUD!!! i’ve NEVER seen a style hud before!! these pictures show only a few different styles, and the group gift comes with ALL COLORS huds!! It has blonde, brunette, candy, grayscale, jewel, multitone1, multitone2, rainbow, redhead, and selection!

Much more coming in my next bloggies!!


Yes, i’ve been wearing my Pure Poison pumps from my Bish Box for a week now!

Soooooo…. sue me! i LOVE ’em!! lol

Let’s start with shoes first then, shall we? I still have on my Pure Poison Rina Pumps i got from my June Rock Rebel BishBox!  Check out their Flickr!

Now for tha’ basics… my Lelutka Simone Head with THE most aweseome HUD i’ve ever seen!! My girlfriend/pet recently bought one as well!

My Maitreya body, again with THE most awesome HUD and now Bento hands!

i have a new piece of Earthstones jewelry that will never be removed as well… it’s the Earthstones Dusk Velvet Choker Set — Pentacle…..

Now the outfit, i FINALLY got into the Lootbox Gacha Event! It’s going on until July 20th, and i DO plan on going back! i was really lucky enough to get this beautiful matching Widowmaker Corset & Skirt in cream from Elven Elder, and it’s soooo beautiful, i plan on making a trip to their store to see what else they have. It also came with a matching flintlock pistol, i got the one in gold.

Annnnd to top it all off, my Magika Sugar hair! Magika hair is one of my all time favorites, i even have a folder dedicated specifically for them, and they have the most beautiful huds for their hairs!

i am using my Secret Magic Pond from Boudoir

for my prop……


Got my BishBox!! Got my BishBox!! ohhh yeahhhhhh!

Whoooohooooo looooooove gettin ‘ma’ BishBox!!! Check ’em out on Flickr!

Okayyyy soooo… let’s start with tha’ basics!

i have on my Lelutka Simone Bento head with an amaaazinnng and very easy to use HUD.

and i also have on my Maitreya body, again with an amazinnnnng and very easy to use HUD.

i’m wearing the [sYs] REBEL oversized shirt that was in my June_RockRebel BishBox.

another favorite of mine now because of BishBox, i’m also wearing the Pure Poison Rina Platforms.

annnnd last, but definitely not least, ma’ hair!! it’s [NANI] Sid hair with TEN different color HUDs, including a “FatPak Exclusive”… just WOW!!!!

i took these pics at the Image Essentials store in world…………

Yayyyy! Time for my 2nd bloggie!

Annnd i’m sooo excited about this one! i’ve discovered a new designer!! Apple May Designs! 

i discovered her through a Teleport HUD i have that shows me group gifts and freebies, etc. Check it out here, it’s really cool!

So, i saw a cuuuuute lil purple romper for “free” if you join tha’ Apple May Designs group, which was only a small fee of 25 linden! When i got to her store, i fell in LOVE with her designs, and she had not only one free group gift, but two!

So, besides my basics i’ve already mentioned in my first bloggie that i wear ALL tha’ time, i’ll list what i’m wearin’ sooooo happily now from Apple May Designs, of course i HAD to check out her Marketplace and saw some suuuuper cute shoes i bought, i have these on now…

CiCi Heels – Lilac from Apple May Designs

the FREE Apple May Bae Jumper in purple

and the other FREE outfit, the lighter colored one i’m wearing in the first two photos…. is the Aiko outfit – Lilac – panties and top. i don’t see it listed in her marketplace, but you can get it at her store after joing her group…..

last but definitely not least, of course i’ll always promote my

Lelutka Simone Bento head

and my super awesome

Maitreya body with new Bento hands

acccccccccccccccck, i CANNOT forget my hair from Doe!

One of my three most favorite hair designers, it is Doe:Sue (with 9 different color huds and some kitty cat ears) and was only in the May BishBox i received last month, so it’s an exclusive; however, you can go to the BishBox HQ, to either sign up for an awesome monthly bish box, or buy past bish boxes! I get mine tomorrow and i’ll definitely be doin’ a bloggie on my contents!!



Excited about Apple May Designs!

imma’ Apple Dumpling now! annnnd methinks i may have found another favorite designer! Apple May Designs! She has beautiful gowns that won’t break tha’ bank, for me to wear at our Sunday formals at Bound Elegance! And for only 25 lindy, you can join her group and get nice group gifts! i will be doing my next blog on my Apple May Design group gift! 🙂


Day 1 of my blog posting! It’s Sunday! Time to wear ma’ pretties!!

Okayyyyy, dunno how often imma’ do this… sooooo, let’s just start this today! Today i will be DJ’in at our Bound Elegance Garden Formal, and it’s one of my MOST favorite times and places to DJ! Our Bound Elegance Garden is soooooooo beautiful! Soooooo today i’m sooooo excited i get to wear my pretties!!! ❤

First of all we’ll start with my basics, what i wear ALL tha’ time!

Of course my Lelutka Simone Bento head! If you are scared of making tha’ switch from either classic or mesh, to Bento… DON’T BE!!! It’s AMAZING! AND you can use almost all tha’ sliders to fix yer face EXACTLY how you want it!

i’m also wearing my Maitreya body, my first switch to a mesh body and sooooooo happy with it! i cannot say enough about Maitreya, so i won’t even try! Just know you will NOT be disappointed!

Also, the basics with my torso area. my makeup is from Glam Affair (who is also partnered with Lelutka, as well as Maitreya). On my hand you’ll see my most favorite ring given to me by nyako, from my most favorite jewelry designer in 2nd Life, Earthstones. it is the Earthstones, Fly with me butterfly friendship ring, and i NEVER take it off! Annnnd finally, my collar, given to me by LQQking4Chat, my beloved Daddy Dom…. it is LC Beles mesh collar w/ HUD. My eyes are the Lelutka eyes that come in the HUD, however, i’ve used Mistic appliers to change them to pink and purple. My face tattoos which you will sometimes see and sometimes not, come from Letis Tattoo. Annnd my face jewelry i always wear. The two horseshoe eyebrow rings from Xia’s, the odalisque nose ring, from Lyndy in Chains, the PUNCH diamond nose stud, annnd last but not least, the unisex face piercing on my lip from Phoebe. One will ALWAYS see all of this on me! :)) Soooo…i won’t repeat everything single thing in every blog…. lol

My hair is from one of my ALL TIME favorite hair designers, Truth! It is the Truth VIP June gift, the hair is called Ambriel, and it comes with ALL color HUD’s!

my dress is from another all time favorite designer, Dead Dollz. i won it at The Arcade Gacha place, it is called Dead Dollz, the House of Brides, bridesmaid lavendar.

annnnd my shoes! from another all time favorite of mine! KC Couture Never thought in my life i could be addicted to shoes, but here i am with a folder FULL of nothing but KC Couture shoes! These are the KC Tamara Harness Pumps, KC Couture shoes ALWAYS come with a FULL color HUD!

Annnnnd that is IT!! Until next time!!

~peace & love~




mine mQQnshine

Hello! My name in 2nd Life is mQQnie…. my girlfriend, nyako (aka kitty aka BRAT) calls me “mine mQQnshine”, hence tha’ name of this bloggie! I’ve seen many 2nd Life fashion blogs that have led me to some amazing clothing and amazing designers! Annnnd i’d like to do tha’ same; besides, i looooove showing my awesome fashions off! So, be patient with me, and come with me on my first bloggers journey!

Sooooo, this is me! i’m wearing my brand new Lelutka Simone Bento head (and i loooooooove it!!)

Now, i know as a blogger i should be listing everything i am wearing for my viewers, but this is just my first post, annnnd i wanted to show off my new most awesome Lelutka Simone Bento head….. soooooo tha’s it! and this is me!!

Ohhhhh, and tha’ t~shirt dress is from my June BishBox! i will be promoting them as well!!